A composite filling, which is tooth colored, is used to repair a tooth that is damaged from decay. The decay is removed from the tooth and the filling is bonded to the tooth.

We will discuss with you which filling would be best for your case, as all have their own varying advantages. It is easy to match the filling to your natural tooth color, so it can be used even on front teeth and provide a natural effect, providing for a beautiful smile.

Most dental restorations are not permanent, and may have to be replaced in their far future. However, they are very durable and will last many years.

The following can be fixed with composite fillings:

Chipped Teeth

Spaces Between Teeth

Decayed Teeth

Having fillings done takes very little time, and many teeth can be fixed in one appointment. While the tooth and gum is numbed, your dentist will remove decay or shape the tooth to properly apply filling. The space will be cleaned and prepared for the filling. The filling will be shaped and polished to ensure a comfortable bite. You may experience sensitivity to hot or cold, but it will usually subside and you will feel a natural bite and smile in little time. It is vital to keep good oral hygiene to care for your filling, and to make sure you won’t need more in the future.

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