What is VELscope Vx?

  • Helps dental professionals find oral mucosal abnormalities, including oral cancer

  • VELscope is recognized by the World Health Organization

  • The most powerful tool available for assisting in the discovery of oral abnormalities

  • The VELscope Vx helps discover oral disease BEFORE it can be seen under ordinary light

  • The VELscope Vx exam is quick, painless and effective

Oral Cancer & Risk Factors

Tobacco and chewing tobacco, along with alcohol, are the leading causes of oral cancer.

Oral cancer found early, oral cancer’s 5 year survival rate is good - approx. 83%

Oral cancer found late, oral cancer’s 5 year survival rate is poor - approx 32%

The Velscope Vx offers early discovery of oral disease, including precancer and cancer.

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